A Future. Not a Past.

A Future. Not a Past. is a project of the Juvenile Justice Fund located in Atlanta Georgia that is devoted to ending the commercial sexual exploitation of children and raising awareness about human sex trafficking involving domestic children. Since 2007, the Juvenile Justice Fund’s A Future. Not A Past. campaign has been working to stop the prostitution of children in Georgia through groundbreaking research that drives strategies of prevention, intervention, and education. Every year, more than 28,000 men in Georgia knowingly or unknowingly have sex with sexually exploited adolescent girls. Unless we work together, that number will only continue to grow. It is the mission of A Future. Not A Past. to protect and inspire hope in our girls, the true victims of this illicit practice…as well as to disable demand and prosecute to the fullest extent the pimps and johns who exploit them. This blog is a way to generate an interest in the issue, to spread awareness, and to try to connect on a personal level with people who want to help out. This blog will also be a place to share your opinions on things ranging from current events and cultural attitudes relating to the issue. Feel free to message us with questions or opinions!

Sex Trafficking: A Hard Reality in Atlanta

These statistics, provided by the student newspaper of Georgia State University, reveal the realities about child sex trafficking in Atlanta, GA that are unknown to many students and residents of the city.

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Linda Smith on the Problem of Child Prostitution : MyFoxDC.com

Linda Smith, founder of Shared Hope International discusses the involvement of gangs in the buying and selling of adolescent girls in Washington, D.C. on Fox5 D.C.

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America’s Dirty Little Secret: Sex Trafficking

" Blog Critics Culture" provides a cultural analyses on the evolution of child sex slavery since the 1900s until present day. For further information please select the link below.

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A Future. Not A Past to Host Town Hall Breakfast on Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in Georgia

A. Future. Not A Past (AFNAP) will host a free, community- wide town hall breakfast on Monday, December 12 at 7:30AM at North Avenue Presbyterian Church. This event will feature keynote speaker, Attorney General Sam Olen, followed by a panel discussion moderated by WABE’s Rose Scott as well as prominent leaders currently fighting to keep children safe across the state of Georgia and the entire United States.

Finally, AFNAP directors will present Georgia’s report card from the Shared Hope International Protected Innocence Initiative.

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MS-13-linked “pimp” imprisoned for sex trafficking teenage girls

This is one of five gang-related juvenile sex trafficking cases brought within the past year in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, according to the FBI.”

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This video is a segment from PBS’s “Fighting Child Prostitution”

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"New Unit nets man accused of sexual exploitation of children"

On November 9, 2011 cybercrime investigators arrested a man, Christopher Terenzi, due to his involvement in the sexual exploitation of children. After two weeks of planning the police tracked and arrested Terenzi in a quiet neighborhood off of Bouldercrest Way.

The implementation of this new unit has permitted the police to arrest more individuals in the past four weeks than in the past year. The Dekalb police are working towards searching social network sites and investigators are finding individuals that are connected to areas such as sex trafficking.

The local news followed this investigation and arrest. For additional commentary a video detailing this is located below.

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"Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children Demand Study"

The A Future. Not A Past (AFNAP) program, a campaign to stop the prostitution of children in Georgia within the Juvenile Justice Fund organization, conducted research on demand in relation to the prostitution of children in Georgia. This study revealed interesting facts about the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC), such as…

The overall mission of the CSEC demand study is to understand how such young girls become prostituted monthly across the state of Georgia. This study aims to find out who is buying sex from young adolescent girls, how many men participate in this act and how men go about purchasing sex.

Additional information on the CSEC study conducted by the A Future. Not A Past program can be found at:


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"Human Trafficking in Your Backyard: Atlanta, GA"

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"Georgia Teachers on the Frontline of Sex Trafficking Fight"

"Every Month 400 children are sucked into sex trafficking here in Atlanta"

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